We are still promoting our latest album 'Infected Brutality' but we wanted to know if you would like to help us with it, we are about to start a crowdfunding campaign at MusicPledge so, we need all the help we can get..., Do you like vinyls? 

We are looking to connect with people that reality likes our music, so if you are interested enough on our music, you are going to have the chance the receive some great material directly from us, but first of all you need to be signed on our mailing list there, so please click  below & follow us at PledgeMusic http://www.pledgemusic.com/artists/pirosaint

Remember that "Infected Brutality" contains Pirosaint's original demos, "Atrocity Not Condign '92" and "Infected Dreams '94" recorded originally in Santiago, Chile by Jose Luis Corral at the Rec. Studios. The album also includes four previously unreleased live track. With this album the band celebrates the 20th anniversary of the second demo "Infected Dreams."

You can download the track 'Real Psychology' here: http://bit.ly/1gHMTJN

Thank you in advance


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