Monday, January 3, 2022

The 103rd issue of Pařát from Czech Republic

The 103rd issue of Pařát, in which you will find an interview with PIROSAINT, will be published on 20 January. 

PIROSAINT is one of the oldest Chilean metal bands. It was formed in Santiago in 1988, but the first album was not released until this year, when it has long been run as a band from New York… but with Chilean roots.

Drummer Ignacio Orellana is no newcomer to the New York music scene. He is known for his music skills not only in the field of extreme music, but also as a photographer and cameraman.

The following interview is about more than thirty years of Ignacio's life, which is also connected with the existence of thrash metal PIROSAINT. We will start in Santiago in the late eighties and end in New York in November 2021, when the album "Know Thyself" was officially released.